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Do slow starters in school ever catch up?

The Department of Education has published data that shows that three-quarters of children who make a slow start at primary school fail to ‘catch up’. Equally, children who are classed as having made a bright start at primary school don’t maintain their advanced level to the end of their primary education.

This makes me wonder if our school system is merely trying to level the playing field. Instead of helping bright kids flourish and less able kids to learn to the very best of their ability; are schools just teaching kids to pass the tests they need to?

Are schools so fixed on targets, league tables and SATs results that these have become the important part of education in England and not educating our children with the best education system possible?

I really hope not. Yes, I want all children to be encouraged and all of them to have time and resources spent on them, and I don’t want this to be at the expense of the children at either at the top or bottom of the pile. Why should a bright child suffer if more resources need to be spent on children that need more help to get past a certain threshold? Equally a child that needs more help should be given that help – no question.

It makes me think that our education system of one size fits all, just doesn’t work. All children learn differently and at different speeds. All have their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe we need to think again. Smaller classes or groups of children who have similar attainment where they are competing against equals makes much more sense to me. But I am not a politician or an ‘education expert’ I am a parent.