School rejects pupil who lives on same road

A five year old boy Charlie Cooper from Aylestone, Leicester has been told he cannot attend a school that is on the sother side of the road and under a minute’s walk from his house.  It was reported on by the BBC today his mother Louise Cooper had expected him to attend Montrose Primary School.

The situation had arose because the school’s catchment border runs down the middle of the road. Their application for school was turned down because of this and it has since prompted Sir Peter Soulsby, Mayor of Leicester to start a review of city catchment areas.

“We thought we would be fine. We just couldn’t believe it when we heard he wasn’t allowed to go to Montrose school.It was ridiculous. We would open up the curtains and see everyone taking their children to the school. We felt we had to shelter Charlie from what was going on. “It all felt a bit embarrassing and awkward. I spoke to so many other parents and neighbours who agreed it was an absurd and perverse decision.” – Charlie Cooper’s mother.

At School Admissions we have seen similar situations to this happen in the past and this is why we created the guide book to help parents when applying for a school place know all the facts on how to apply for school place and more importantly what to expect from the school they are applying for a position. We are pleased to see the local council in Leicester taking action and listening to parents who find themselves in similar situations.