Preparing for a school admissions appeal

Trying to get your child into a good school IS important, so it is unsurprising that school admissions appeals can be a nerve wracking, emotional experience.

If you find yourself in the situation where you need to appeal for a school place – help is at hand.

At School Admissions we have a package of books and videos that will help you write the best possible appeal case for your child.

Many appeals fail due to parents not presenting the strongest case that they can, and not being able to back up their arguments – which can turn their case into nothing more than hearsay. Don’t let this happen to you and your child.

Don’t be afraid of showing your emotions at the appeal, (the panel members are only human) but do remember to stay as focused and as calm as you can. The panel members are there to make the best decision for your child. Show them the best possible case that you can.

Being prepared is the best way that you can help your child at appeal. Know the facts, know your case, have evidence.

We understand that you will have fears and worries, and we hope that our Guide will help allay some of these. For example, we talk about how you appeal, how you prepare and write your case. We give you tips and advice for the hearing itself. We help you understand the strengths of your case, and be realistic about your chances.

We help you remember that you always have options and appeal is not necessarily the best route or the end of the road.

How to win and not worry at school appeals takes you through the school admissions process and helps you be as prepared as you need to be.