My child starts school – Thank you!

This week I recieved a thank you email from a customer whom earlier in the year was concerned and did not know where to start when applying for a school place for her son. Kirsty has written an open and honest opinion about  how she is now very happy that her child is starting at the school she had placed as her first preference school but the happiness is also tinged with sadness as her baby is growing up.

Dear Maria 

I wanted to email you as I am very excited as my son starts school this week.

If you remember I really wasn’t sure how to apply, or what school to apply for. There were 3 schools quite local to me, one of which I really didn’t want him to go to. Your advice was brilliant. After reading your book I was able to do my research properly, and now I can see that it was so important to look at what the admission criteria of all the schools were. He could have so easily ended up going to the worst school! I chose my preferences very carefully, and he was offered my 1st preference. 

I am so relieved it is all over – at least until the end of primary school when I am sure it will all start again. It also scary how fast he has grown up and my baby is starting school.

Thanks again

Thank you for allowing me to share this with other mums Kirsty and I am sure that other parents can relate to your feelings and I am sure your son will have a wonderful time in school.

Maria Jones-Fraser