Welcome back to school

As a child those three words back to school would mean that it was the end of your summer holiday and remind you how quickly the summer holiday has flown over. Now as a parent those words mean something totally different – they could mean back to normality, or they could leave you feeling dread – not wanting your child to start their secondary school.

As parents across the UK ensure their children have everything ready for their children for when they return to school. Spare a thought for the children who are starting a new school and the parents who are sending their child to a school that they did not intend to be sending their child too.

Back to school time can be full of mixed feelings for parents and children. Whilst most children are very adaptable many parents are not. Remember even if you are upset about what school your child is going to attend – it is not you that is going to go there everyday for the next few years. Your child needs support, love and encouragement. This is a hard time and a hard transition for them.

If they find it difficult settling in, you could try rewarding them at the end of each week. A treat they can look forward to can go a long way. It could be a trip to the cinema, or inviting a friend over for a sleepover. Just imagine how relieved you will be when they start talking about the friends they have made. And school-friends can be friends for life!

Even if your child settles in well it is still one of the most stressful times that they have faced so far in their lives – let them know you are proud of them!

So as back to school time approaches, we wish every child success in the year ahead, and parents – take that all important sigh of relief now the holidays are nearly over!