Anti bullying week in schools

Nothern Ireland is taking the lead in this years anti-bullying week. The majority of schools in Northern Ireland are to explore the impact of cyber bullying this week. Research at The Department of Education in Northern Ireland carried ou a survey and discovered that 15.5% of Year 6 pupils and 17% of Year 9 pupils had experienced cyber bullying.

75% of teachers in secondary schools surveyed said that cyber bullying was more prevalent. Regional anti-bullying co-ordinator Lee Kane, said anti-bullying week provided a channel for parents and teachers to challenge all bullying methods:

“Anti-bullying week is a great opportunity to reinforce key anti-bullying messages for all of those involved in schools – pupils, teachers, support staff and parents. We are overwhelmed by the interest from both parents and schools in this year’s anti-bullying week, It is a clear indication of the concerns that exist in relation to cyber bullying.”said Lee Kane for Anti-bullying week.

Cyber bullying can be exhibited through the use of mobile phones, online gaming, email and social networking sites like Facebook. Anti-bullying week will runs from Monday 14th November to Friday 18th November. This carries the slogan “Stop and think – Words can hurt”